• A quarter of a thin oatmeal or flour cake.

  • Any such cake or bread, now particularly used for Irish specialities as soda farls and potato farls.

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  • While butter and jam are very nice on a soda farl, the BEST way to eat one (though not necessarily the healthiest) is to cut it crossways, fry the cut sides in a little bit of butter, and then serve it as a sandwich with crisp bacon (or sausages) and a fried egg.

    Skillet Scones (Soda Bread Farls) | Baking Bites

  • It's the full English and then some – with added fried soda farl and potato bread.

    Belfast's top 10 budget eats

  • At the head of the staircase they stopped and watched the Princess as she went down the stairs and across the courtyard, her long white robe trailing behind her, with the cup of ruby-red wine in one hand, and the farl of cake in the other.

    Tales From Scottish Ballads

  • "And that is what will be very welcome," said the Captain, "for I have tasted no food since daybreak but a farl of oatcake, which I divided with my horse."

    A Legend of Montrose

Notes For farl

The word 'farl' is a contraction of 'fardel', a 'fourth part' or quarter.

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