الثريد طعام



  • Bread boiled in water to the consistence of pulp, and sweetened or flavored.

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  • “All clear away, with the water-saps and panada,” returned the unabashed convalescent.

    The Black Dwarf

  • Further advances in pastry cooking are seen in a gnocchi mixture he calls it agnoilen, poached in broth, which is similar to the panada used in modern quenelles.

    Savoring The Past

  • The patient drank a good deal of water during the whole of the treatment, ate very little and only light food, principally water-soup or panada, and gruel, and kept in bed almost entirely the first ten or twelve days.

    Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms

  • A sufficient quantity of veal, of fat unsmoked bacon, and of bread panada must be chopped and pounded to make enough force-meat to stuff the pig in the proportion of one part bacon, two panada, and three of veal, seasoned with a teaspoonful of onion juice and two of powdered sage.

    Choice Cookery

  • When they are old enough to make a loaf of bread, a pie, or a little plain cake, allow them to do it, and take as a present to, or make broth or panada for a sick person.

    Domestic Cookery, Useful Receipts, and Hints to Young Housekeepers

  • Now kitchen physic it is that he needs – good broth and gruel and panada, and wine, the Rhenish and the French, and the juice of the orange and the lemon, or, failing those, fresh apple-juice squeezed from the fruit when you shall have brayed it in a mortar.

    Harding's Luck

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The word 'panada' comes from Spanish, ultimately from Latin 'panis', meaning 'bread'.

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