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  • The study of the flow and transformation of energy in and between living organisms and between living organisms and their environment.

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  • The discoveries for which Peter Mitchell has been awarded this year's Nobel Prize for Chemistry relate to a field of biochemistry often referred to in recent years as bioenergetics, which is the study of those chemical processes responsible for supplying energy to living cells.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1978 - Presentation Speech

  • Lipmann extended our understanding of bioenergetics by formulating the concept of the ATP metabolic wheel and introducing his famous "wiggle" (~P) to represent the bonds of high energy phosphate derivatives.

    Otto Meyerhof and the Physiology Institute: the Birth of Modern Biochemistry

  • "There has been a bioenergetics study that says that bighead and silver carp could not make it on what is available in the open waters of Lake Michigan," says Chapman, biologist for the U.S.

  • Cellular bioenergetics - the processes by which cells produce and consume energy - is fundamental to the growth, development, function and cancer; aging; and metabolic, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases.


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The word 'bioenergetics' comes ultimately from Greek roots meaning 'life' and 'active'.

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