• Substances added to wine, beer and certain other beverages to remove organic compounds in order to improve clarity or to adjust the flavour or aroma.

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  • Today, with later harvests and for the other reasons already expressed, the tannin is sweeter, and unless the wine has a bacterial problem suspended proteins or other matter that makes the wine unattractive aesthetically, there is no need to perform the heavy finings and filtrations of the past.

    The World’s Greatest Wine Estates

  • The use of kettle finings, such as Irish moss, and a good, rolling boil are essential for a good hot break.


  • He refuses to use any finings, declaring that he can taste them in the finished product.


  • After the finings are added to the beer and the barrels have been well rolled, the finings slowly precipitate (or work out through the bung-hole) and carry with them the matter which would otherwise render the beer turbid.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3 "Brescia" to "Bulgaria"

  • A very important object indeed, is finings in the management of porter and brown beers, and sometimes the paler kinds need their agency before they will become transparently fine: without this quality no beer can be acceptable to the consumer, and should be always a particular aim of the brewers to obtain.

    The American Practical Brewer and Tanner

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The word 'finings' is related to the word 'refine', to make pure.