قفوف؛ انتصاب الشعر


  • A real or fancied bristling of the hair of the head or body, resulting from disease, terror, chilliness, etc.

  • A contraction of the cutaneous muscles, producing the erection of the hairs and the condition known as cutis anserina or goose-flesh.

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  • What a glorious, delicious, chocolate-rich meaningful word is horripilation!


  • And the haunting melody of Lara's theme, Maurice Jarre's ‎ superb composition that runs like a unifying thread through every scene, inspires ‎ horripilation even as we recall the notes! ‎

    Lara's Theme

  • Whether EL ORFANATO will live up to my admittedly high expectations and do the sack-face spook subgenre proud remains to be seen... but it's got all the indications of having ballistic horripilation power.

    Bag your face!

  • My cow-orker Jason Schultz reports on a breaking new DMCA horripilation: a court has ordered a company to stop fixing tape-drives because in so doing, it makes unauthorized access of a copyrighted "Maintenance Code."

    Boing Boing: July 4, 2004 - July 10, 2004 Archives

  • The horripilation of the skin, the twitching nostrils, the feeling for the knife in the armpit ....

    The Wind Bloweth

Notes For horripilation

The word 'horripilation' comes from Latin roots meaning 'to grow hair' and 'to tremble'.