• Windiness; flatulence.

  • Empty pride; vainglory; inflated vanity.

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    • He knows about diamonds, "stones of love and reconciliation"; and about man's dreams "that vary according to the variation of the fumes that enter into the little chamber of his phantasy"; and about headaches that arise from "hot choleric vapours, full of ventosity"; and about the moon, that, "by the force of her dampness, sets her impression in the air and engenders dew"; and about everything in fact.

      A Literary History of the English People From the Origins to the Renaissance

    • Both of them were youths of a Sprightly Genius, and of an Alert Apprehension, attended, in the case of GRANDOLPH, with a mighty heat and ebullition of Fancy, which led early to a certain frothiness or ventosity in speech.

      Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 101, November 7, 1891

    • On the one hand, a sternness and a coarseness of structure which changes its stem into a stake, and its leaf into a spine; on the other, an utter flaccidity and ventosity of structure, which changes its stem into a riband, and its leaf into a bubble.

      Proserpina, Volume 1 Studies Of Wayside Flowers

    • Seek something better than ventosity beneath the sky.

      Droll Stories — Volume 1

    • I must confess this general, with all his outward valor and ventosity, was not exactly an officer to Peter Stuyvesant's taste, but he stood foremost in the army list of William the Testy, and it is probable the good Peter, who was conscientious in his dealings with all men, and had his military notions of precedence, thought it but fair to give him a chance of proving his right to his dignities.

      Knickerbocker's History of New York, Complete

    • And surely no small number of those who are of solid nature, and who, from the want of this ventosity, cannot spread all sail in pursuit of their own honour, suffer some prejudice and lose dignity by their moderation.”

      Oscar Wilde

    Notes For ventosity

    The word 'ventosity' comes from a Latin word meaning 'windiness; flatulence'.